banière orion compréssé


For sailboats from 9m / all kinds of transoms

  • The mechanic is incorporated in the tubular structure.
  • The linings are guided threw the tubular structure.
  • The size of the servo-pendulums lever arm assures maximum efficency.
  • The immersed blade lifts up to the back.
  • It weights about 14 kg.

The windvanes body and it’s mounting structure are independent. Thanks to this modular conception, ORION is easily adaptable on any type of transoms.

Reliable and esthetic, ORION will surprise you by its sensitivity and efficiency.

> Download the ORION user manual

>ORION scale 1/10

Examples on different types of transoms:

Safran extérieur : Shamsuddin
Marches : Etap 35
Jupe : Ovni 32
Queue de mallet : Fruit de Mer

IMG_3801Caroff Chatam 33