Beaufort self-steering

Common Features of all Models:

The design concept of the beaufort windvane self-steering systems lends itself to rapid and practical fitting to your boat. They are delivered complete with all necessary fastening materials. It only remains the windvane to be connected to your wheel or tiller by means of suitable lines and direction-changing pulleys.

The supply of our windvanes includes:

  • The equipment made of sea water resistant stainless steel. All plastic parts are of black Delrin which offers maximum protection against deterioration by UV.
  • All mounting materials suitable for your boat design.
  • A servo pendulum which you can remove when at rest. Made from teak or stainless steel depending on the model.
  • An all-weather windvane from marine ply (which avoids all possibilities of electrolysis).
  • An extremely light windvane of polycarbonate suitable for light winds.
  • A schematic drawing or photographs as an aid to installation.
  • A detailed list of operating instructions.Every installation is tailored during production to your yacht.The system is designed to operate correctly when mounted slightly off-centre (eg because of outboards).The equipment can be de-mounted in case of longer lay ups.

15 good reasons to choose beaufort:

  • Your beaufort is made from the very best materials: sea water resistant stainless steel, Delrin, polycarbonate and marine ply.
  • Your beaufort is constructed using the minimum of components which contributes to its strength and simplifies and minimises its maintenance.
  • Your beaufort includes two easily exchangeable windvanes in order to enable it to steer your boat in all wind conditions.
  • The reduction ratio of your beaufort is adjustable to achieve the best interaction with the particular characteristics of your yacht.
  • You can connect a small electric autopilot to your beaufort to provide the steering signal to the servo pendulum when you are motoring.
  • Naturally your beaufort uses neither electric power or fuel and does not require a battery.
  • Your beaufort is a silent helmsman. It make no noise whatever.
  • beaufort can be fitted to all types of yacht and to all types of sterns.
  • Your beaufort can readily be removed and re-fitted in the event of longer lay ups.
  • The servo pendulum of the beaufort can be entirely lifted out of the water; either sideways or rearwards depending on the model.
  • The design of the beaufort makes it extremely solid and easily accessible for all conceivable repairs using on-board equipment.
  • The servo pendulum of the beaufort can not come out of the water even at extreme angles of heel.
  • Your beaufort is equipped with a release mechanism to avoid damage to the equipment in the event of the servo pendulum hitting a floating object
  • Your beaufort will be delivered with specially developed accessories to simplify your use of the system.
  • From among all the high-value windvane steering systems we consider the beaufort to represent the best value for money. We feel that sailing should be accessible to as many as possible at a reasonable cost.

Your choice of model will depend on the characteristics of your yacht and your personal preferences:

The CASTOR and POLLUX models (and also CASTOR+ and POLLUX+) are characterised by their unobtrusiveness, their elegance and their light weight. Delivery times are generally between two and four weeks.

Our ORION model features the fact that the movable parts are particularly well protected by the surrounding structure. It can be delivered ex stock.